The City of Edgewood takes its name from an early homestead in what is now Walker Estates.

The original city was formed in 1948. The current city is the result of many mergers and annexations since 1948. The biggest of these mergers occurred in 1968. Covington had annexed a significant area of the city just prior to the incorporation of Summit Hills Heights and St. Pius Heights. The residents of the area fought the annexation for over twenty years in the courts and through changes in annexation legislation. Time after time, the Kentucky courts struck down the legislation used to fight the annexation. In 1968, the three cities of Edgewood, St. Pius Heights, and Summit Hills Heights voted to merge. The new Edgewood started operating on January 1, 1969.

In 1980, two significant events occurred. Edgewood won a court victory defeating the annexation effort and the Kentucky Legislature changed the annexation laws to allow a vote by the people affected by an annexation. But the vote was difficult since it required 75 % of the registered voters to object to the annexation. That November when the issue was placed on the ballot, 89% of the registered voters and 95% of those voting opposed the annexation. The war was over and the city could concentrate on becoming the most livable city in Northern Kentucky.


In the 1970 census, the new city of Edgewood had approximately 4,200 people and 1,500 homes. By 1996 the city had grown to over 8,500 people and 3,000 homes. As you look at our small community with its parks, schools and hospital, it quickly becomes obvious why Edgewood is the premier city in Northern Kentucky.

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Edgewood Schools

Hospital & Emergency Care Centers

R.C. Hinsdale School (elementary)
440 Dudley Road
St. Elizabeth Medical Center – South Unit
One Medical Village Dr.
Caywood School (elementary)
25 Summit Drive
St. Elizabeth Behavioral Health Center
200 Medical Village Dr.
St. Pius X School (elementary)
348 Dudley Road
St. Elizabeth Family Practice Center
900 Medical Village Dr.
Turkeyfoot Middle School
3230 Turkeyfoot Road
St. Elizabeth Women’s Wellness Center Doctors Building
20 Medical Village Dr.
Dixie Heights High School
3010 Dixie Heights
Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Kentucky
201 Medical Village Dr.
Patton Vocational School
3234 Turkeyfoot Road
Northern Kentucky Health Occupation Center
790 Thomas More Parkway